I have sold many small to very large vineyards and wineries, and am intimately familiar with the rules and regulations in Napa County that make a vineyard purchase so interesting.  From the Biological Survey’s to the Erosion Control plans (I have friends in the planning commission and erosion control department); the Red Legged Frogs, Fairy Shrimp and Vernal Pools…I am your vineyard and winery purchase expert.

My vineyard clients include Saintsbury, Tournesol, Silverado, Beringer Wine Estates, Whitehall Lane, and many  more.  I’ve sold dozens of small gentleman’s vineyards, and vineyard estate properties,  plus  sold 700 unplanted acres in the Carneros home of the best Pinot Noirs and Chardonnay’s in the nation.

Since my husband is America’s first Master of Wine, I have a free resource to help my clients determine what grape variety will be the best for them based on the location, appellation, soil, water and personal preferences.  We also will compare the Napa Valley Crop Report trends to assure the buyer that they are purchasing a variety with upward potential in the market.

My husband also teaches a Winery Business Course At Sonoma State and has created a revolutionary new internet based program called “The Wine Business Simulation” which can take a potential winery owner or vineyard owner from the grape to the bottle, assess costs (including land purchase and planting)  and tell you how much you need to charge for your bottle of wine once complete in order to make a profit.  This program is leading edge and there isn’t another program like it in the world.  My clients get to utilize this program for free, once their escrow closes!

No matter the size, scale or type of vineyard/winery purchase or sale, I am your Napa Valley expert.