Interested in Investment?

Napa real estate has historically been a great investment – and even with the current national market downturn Napa Valley properties have continued to hold their own year after year. That’s the result of several factors.

First of all, it’s basic economics: supply and demand. We’re a small valley with less than 100,000 people that’s globally desired as a place to live, so prices for Napa properties have risen steadily for many years. Secondly, Napa has a zero growth moratorium which means no construction permits are allowed unless there are condemned properties.  Zero growth keeps our values fairly stable.

For investors, there are many positives to owning a property in Napa. Whether it’s rental’s, vineyards or a winery there are an abundance of tax benefits available.  For instance the depreciation schedules on vineyards are steep, so for many that is the type of investment that would give them the write-off’s they need.  The wine industry is fairly complicated so a good tax professional can answer all of your tax questions related to vineyard and winery ownership.

If you’re interested in investment property in Napa, contact me so we can find the right situation for you. Whether it’s a vacation home you want to rent when you’re not here, or an eventual retirement property, I can help.

Kate’s Inside Tip for Investors

The Wine industry is a complicated industry and you will need a real estate professional who has extensive experience at identifying the right property and helping you to evaluate it at it’s best and highest use.  Evaluating inventory for wineries and the value of a vineyard is a complicated thing to do, and you should have a team such as myself and my husband Tim Hanni, MW (the first Master of Wine in North America) to bring your dream to reality….with as little risk as possible.

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