Tips for Buyers of Napa Real Estate

Napa Valley – A distinct market

Napa is such a great place to live – people from all over the globe want to move here. But it’s also a very distinct market with its own pricing quirks, local customs and tax considerations. Whether you’re moving to paradise, investing in real estate or transferring here for work, the best asset you can have is a Broker-Realtor® who can help you safely navigate the entire process from start to finish.

Market knowledge

One of the best things I offer my clients is a deep knowledge of the market. I’ve been buying and selling properties in Napa and Sonoma Valley’s  for 23 years, and I’ve come to know all the niches here – condos, single-family homes, rental properties, vacant land –vineyards and wineries through my own experiences and my clients’ transactions.

Where do you want to wake up?

When I help you find a home, I start with a deceptively simple question: “Where do you want to wake up in the morning?” A home is about so much more than the number of bedrooms or the price or the commute to work. My goal is to zoom in on what you really want in a home, and then use my knowledge and skills to find just that place.

A system for success

I’ve developed and refined a system that will move you smoothly through the process of search, offer, purchase and ownership. We’ll start by shopping for both a property and a mortgage. When we find the right property, I’ll work with the seller through offers and counteroffers until we negotiate an acceptable agreement. Then I’ll help you through all the escrow steps – inspections, appraisals, title and permit issues, surveys and final loan approval – until closing day arrives and you move in!

Enjoying the journey

When we work together, I’m involved at every step, from “Hi, I’m Kate!” to “Here are the keys – enjoy!” Finding a home together is a journey, and my work is really about relationships, not buildings. I’ll be there for you through every question and detail, and I won’t stop working for you until we’ve found the place that truly speaks to you. I also have a network of trusted colleagues who customize, repair, improve and maintain homes – I’ll make sure your needs are taken care of well beyond finding and buying a property.  When it comes to vineyard, winery or small vineyard estate properties I have a vineyard acquisition team that includes my husband Tim Hanni, MW who will help you determine the perfect location for the grape variety or wine type you prefer.  Let me assure you it’s a very fun and productive process!

Financing options and tax advice

Getting the right financing and understanding tax issues are both key factors to a successful buying experience. If you have a financial professional, I’ll work with him or her to ensure a speedy and efficient process. If you’d like to work with someone in Napa, I can recommend  mortgage professionals.  In addition, buying real estate can have a highly positive impact on your federal and state tax situation. If you need any help with these issues, I highly recommend Dare Delorafice at 1-925-935-9375.

Kate’s Inside Tip for Buyers

When you’re buying real estate in Napa, it’s important to know and respect local culture. There’s a strong casual influence in Napa, and that can be confusing to outsiders. Napa is a valley of farmers committed to being good stewards of the land.