Kate Hanni Real Estate is a full-service real estate firm based in Napa, California. Owned by Broker-Realtor® Kate Hanni.

Vineyard Acquisitions

Kate Hanni

Kate Hanni Real Estate also offers the experience and expertise of a vineyard acquisition team that includes North America’s First Master of Wine Tim Hanni, Vineyard installation expert Mary Hall, General Contractor Robert Poppe, several award winning winemakers and other professional to help you buy or sell a property in Napa Valley and surrounding counties. I also have close relationships with members of the board of supervisors and erosion control department of Napa County!

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About Kate Hanni


The most important thing you can know about me is that I am an advocate. I’m best known as the woman who achieved the airline passengers bill of rights through the Department of Transportation (visit KateHanni.com for more on my National Advocacy) …and I’ve been buying and selling homes personally and professionally for 23 years – and I love the process. The challenge of knowing the market and using my skills in it led to my career in real estate. And, after having learned the ins and outs of Napa real estate as a professional, I’ve focused on two simple goals. For buyers, I want to find them a property they look forward to coming home to every day. For sellers, I want to get top dollar for their property – maybe even more than they thought possible.

Personal Service

I only work with a handful of clients at a time. I’m not interested in churning through a blur of impersonal sales – that wouldn’t be fun to me at all. Quality of life is why people want to live here, and that applies to me as well. A big part of my quality of life involves having personal and fulfilling relationships with my clients.


Professionally, I’ve worked intensely to be as qualified as possible to help you. That includes multiple designations, including:

  • Licensed Realtor 1988
  • NAR membership since 1988
  • CAR membership since 1988
  • Real Estate Brokers License since 2004
  • Licensed Stock Broker/Securities Dealer 1995

Real Estate suits me!

I’ve found that I have the right personality and skills for the real estate profession. I’m a detail-oriented businessperson, and I truly love working with people toward their goals. Plus, I understand the importance of a home purchase in your life. I like to sum it up for people this way: I’m market-savvy and I’m business-savvy, but I’m life-savvy, too. I know how you feel!

I’d love to work with you. E-mail me at kate@katehannirealestate.com or use my contact page.


Kate’s Inside Tip on… Kate

I’m originally from Eureka California, but have lived in the Napa Valley for 30 years. I’m married to America’s first Master of Wine Tim Hanni for 19 years. We have two children Chase who is 29 and who has graduated SDSU and Landen Hanni, 18 who is currently attending UC Davis as an Electrical Engineering major.

About Tim Hanni, MW

Tim Hanni

In 1990 Tim became on of the first two Americans in history to pass the coveted Master of Wine designation, arguably the hardest examination in the world in any vocation, inarguably the hardest exam in the wine industry. Tim knows everything there is to know about selecting the right land, slope, water, grape variety for a successful vineyard and/or winery operation. He knows the trends and can advise accordingly. He owns Napa Seasoning Company, and is part owner of a company called WineQuest which does corporate wine list management and training. Tim speaks all over the world about food and wine and is considered the worlds’ leading expert on food and wine.

About Mary Hall

Mary Hall

Mary is the most talented small vineyard manager in the Napa Valley

She was featured in an article in the SF Chronicle titled “Female Vineyard Managers blaze trails in Wine Country”. Here is an excerpt:

If you see Mary Hall Maher driving to work in St. Helena, you might think she’s headed for an office job. She’s wearing white cotton trousers and an ironed, white blouse with blue flowers. On the car seat lies a freshly printed spreadsheet. But her work boots, floppy yellow sun hat and red pruning shears, used to thin grape clusters, divulge her occupation.

She’s a vineyard manager for Bill Harlan, owner of Harlan Estate, Bond and the Napa Valley Reserve.

Maher is one of the few women in a job traditionally held by men in the wine industry. The vineyard manager is farmer in chief for the winery, overseeing the myriad tasks required year-round to plant and maintain healthy vines. From budbreak through the summer, they ensure crews and equipment are in the right place at the right time to pull leaves, thin clusters and eventually pick the grapes. A vineyard manager’s job is as specialized as the vineyard blocks they tend.

“Each vineyard property is different, the weather changes every day, and the needs of the vineyard crew and the winemaker varies season to season. I love the variety and challenge,” said Maher.

The challenge often starts with something far more basic: earning recognition in what may be the last place in wine where women are still a rarity. Equality may now be a given inside the winery door, but amid the vines, women are still far from a common sight. And yet some of the nation’s most sought-after wines are made from grapes tended by women.

“For a woman to surface at this level, they have to be almost better than men,” said Harlan. “Mary knows her viticulture.”

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